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Radiology Technician

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Job Title:
Computed Tomography Technologist/
Radiological Technologist
Dept. Number/Title:
Diagnostic Radiology

Job Code:

Title Reporting To:
Director of Radiology – Michael Summers

FLSA Status:
Effective Date:

Division Head:
Hospital Administrator

Job Purpose: Describes the general purpose of the job; why the job exists.

Provides health care services by applying x-ray energy and computer processing techniques to assist in diagnosis. Performs computed tomography and related procedures to demonstrate sectional anatomic images for interpretation by and at the request of a licensed practitioner. Provides appropriate patient care and recognizes patient’s conditions essential for successful completion of the procedure. Provides patient care/services for all stages of the life span including pediatrics, adolescents, adults and geriatrics.

Accountabilities: The principle end results for which this job is held accountable

I. Prepares patient and provides patient care during procedure to ensure patient health, safety, well-being, and privacy.

II. Participates in cost containment activities.

III. Utilizes proper computerized tomography positioning skills.

IV. Utilizes proper computerized tomography techniques.

V. Ensures efficient and proper functioning of equipment.

VI. Ensures continued knowledge of field through appropriate amounts of continuing education.

Accountabilities: (Continued)

VII. Ensures a safe, clean, secure work environment and is prepared for emergency conditions.

VIII. Compiles, records, and maintains files according to procedure as required for accurate and up-to-date departmental records and/or reports.

IX. Communicates information clearly and concisely.

X. Ensures radiation safety/protection guidelines are followed.

XI. Maintains ability to perform diagnostic radiology.

XII. Participates in Continuous Quality Improvement.

XIII. Maintains coordination of activities with others to accomplish work activities and department goals.

XIV. Demonstrates job competencies to include safety, infection control and CPR.

XV. Responsible for the assessment, treatment of care of patients by demonstrating competency in the following as appropriate, clinical knowledge, clinical skills, and communication skills to the ages of the patients served.

This Job Description is an overall statement of major accountabilities and duties performed by incumbents in this position. The incumbent may be requested to perform other position-related duties other than those described in this description.

Major Work Activities:

I.1 Provides for patient’s physical needs during procedure to ensure continued support, comfort, safety, and privacy.

I.2 Provides emotional support and comfort to patient when appropriate. Reassures patient as needed.

I.3 Prepares patient for procedure, providing instructions to obtain desired results, gain cooperation and minimize anxiety.

I.4 Provides general information and teaching, relevant to exam.

I.5 Reports any unusual or alarming conditions pertaining to patient to appropriate authority.

I.6 Obtains all necessary permission forms before beginning exams.

II.1 Reviews schedule of procedures to determine specifications for supplies and equipment.

II.2 Charges are assigned appropriate for exam performed.

II.3 Uses work time productively.

III.1 Positions patient to best demonstrate anatomic area of interest, respecting patient’s ability and comfort.

III.2 Immobilizes patient as required for appropriate exam.

III.3 Knows and demonstrates knowledge of cross sectional anatomy.

IV.1 Operates computed tomography equipment and accessories appropriately.

IV.2 Selects appropriate program for the desired protocol.

IV.3 Evaluates images for technical quality assuring proper ID recorded.

IV.4 Manipulates display parameters and provides hard copy.

IV.5 Knows venipuncture technique.

Major Work Activities: (Continued)

V.1 Demonstrates working knowledge of all computerized tomography equipment.

V.2. Performs equipment test checks and quality control monitoring.

V.3 Demonstrates a working knowledge of processing equipment and the ability to develop radiographs.

V.4 Reports any equipment malfunctions immediately to appropriate authority and documents according to departmental policy.

VI.1 Meets the ARRT requirements of 24 hours of education every two years.

VI.2 Meets the department requirements of 12 hours of education every year.

VII.1 Checks readiness of supplies and equipment for emergency calls.

VII.2 Recognizes when a situation is critical and requires immediate attention.

VII.3 Initiates correct calls/codes or contacts appropriate resources needed to provide or obtain emergency services.

VII.4 Provides emergency assistance as required and/or directed by the appropriate authority or emergency team leader.

VII.5 Maintains a clean and safe work environment.

VII.6 Applies infection control and Universal Precautions and Procedures guidelines to all patients, self and others in immediate area.

VIII.1 Creates and maintains accurate records, files, and logs for departmental records, entering required patient data into the current information system.

VIII.2 Schedules patients in proper sequence coordinating multidisciplinary studies and giving instructions in proper preparations for exam.

VIII.3 Follows the report process to completion including charting and mailing reports and filing folders accurately.

VIII.4 Maintains archival storage of digitized data as appropriate.

Major Work Activities: (Continued)

IX.1 Presents information accurately, clearly and concisely to ensure understanding by all customers and staff.

IX.2 Listens carefully to others in order to respond appropriately, answers questions, and/or obtains needed information.

IX.3 Corroborates patient clinical history with procedure, assuring information is documented and available for use by a licensed practitioner.

IX.4 Reports any patient’s results to the emergency room, nursing unit or appropriate physician’s office.

IX.5 Patient follow up needs are communicated to appropriate authority.

X.1 Follows radiation protection policies when operating equipment.

X.2 Uses appropriate radiation protection devices to patient, self and others in the radiation area.

X.3 Wears film badge appropriately.

X.4 Monitors personal radiation reports.

XI.1 Performs duties of diagnostic radiology technologist when not in CT area.

XI.2 Operates radiographic equipment correctly.

XI.3 Positions patients properly for exam, using proper techniques, by established protocols and with appropriate immobilization.

XI.4 Assists the radiologist as needed.

XIII.1 Develops and maintains contact with other departments and co-workers to plan and coordinate interrelated activities.

XIII.2 Maintains workflow by making timely requests to others and responding quickly to any requests.

XIII.3 Keeps others informed of progress on work activities to ensure coordination of activities.

XIII.4 Ensures workload is evenly distributed among co-workers.

XIII.5 Rotates duties, shifts and Holidays.

Major Work Activities: (Continued)

XIV.1 Completion of competency checklist; demonstrated knowledge of policies.

XV.1 Demonstrates knowledge of disease processes; diagnostic tests;, normal and abnormal; treatment modalities and expected outcomes; psychosocial needs of various age groups; growth and development of infants, children and adolescents; the aging processes, associated complicating factors and behaviors.

XV.2 Able to demonstrate ability to complete tests, procedures or tasks normally required of position; can appropriately document patient responses; physical, emotional verbal and non-verbal; recognizes and functions accordingly in relation to priorities of patient needs.

XV.3 Demonstrates ability to obtain information from patient/family; can explain tests, procedures or tasks to various age groups appropriate to their level of comprehension; demonstrates ability to communicate patient needs to physician and clinical peers.

Job Specifications

Minimum Level Qualifications

Graduate of an A.M.A. approved school of Radiologic Technology.

Registered or registry eligible.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration:
Registered Radiologic Technologist (ARRT)

Physical Demands:
Walking, standing for long periods of time, lifting patients, objects (10-40 lbs. usually), pushing/pulling mobile equipment, patients in wheel chairs or on stretchers.

Skills and Qualifications:
Good verbal and written communication skills.
CPR certification required.

Other Special Characteristics:
Easily adaptable to changing working schedules. Due to nature of procedures performed in department, must be able to handle daily stressful environment, and support employees and physicians in critical patient environment.

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