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Confirmed MS Cases

See the current tallies of Coronavirus cases in your state and your counties

CDC – Coronavirus

Shelter In Place Order

See the Shelter in Place Order ordered by Gov. Reeves. Begins April 3rd @ 5pm.

Shelter in Place Executive Order

Find CDC Information

Find the most up to date information from the CDC here.

CDC – Coronavirus

Keep Your Hands Clean

Washing your hands often with soap and warm water is the best solution. Scrub for at least 20 seconds. If you’ve been in a public place, make sure to wash your hands before touching your face. If soap and water isn’t available try to use hand sanitizer if available.

Know the Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms helps you protect yourself as well as others.  Fever, Cough, and shortness of breath are the 3 main symptoms that start with coronavirus. If you develop symptoms and feel you need medical attention, please contact any of our clinics:

  • Choctaw Medical Clinic – 662-285-9460
  • Choctaw Medical Clinic of Ackerman – 662-285-9050
  • Lousiville Medical Clinic – 662-773-7500

Keep Your Distance

Even as we are under a shelter-in-place order, remember to keep your distance. It is recommended to be at least 6 feet apart if possible. The virus is thought to spread from person to person through droplets of respiratory saliva. These droplets can land in your mouth, or on your face and hands and then transferred into your respiratory system.

Wear a Mask

If you are sick, please do your part to slow the spread. Wear a mask and protect others from getting sick. Call Before You Come. Call any of our clinics to schedule COVID-19 testing. If you feel you are having severe symptoms or a medical emergency, contact or visit our ER Department. Call (662) 285-440.

Choctaw Regional Hospital has implemented a strict NO VISITATION policy beginning Thursday March 19th. To view our policy visit our Coronavirus Statement page

In an effort to combat the spread and treat the COVID-19 virus we have postponed all elective surgeries and procedures. Only Emergency procedures will be performed starting March 19th.


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